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Hrithik’s set to change the game!


Hrithik Roshan is a very private man, he doesn;t like his personal life being the talk of the town and somehow since his divorce that’s the only reason why he hasbeen in new. His personal comings and goings have been discussed each day in bold print and Roshan truly believes that it needs to stop. Given the way people have been reacting to Kangana and his legal war, it is obviously going to take a while till he gets his privacy back but the delay is not due to his lack of wanting.

Apparently, he has even made calls to some of his friends around media requesting them to avoid the ongoing speculations. However looks like finally it is God and Ashutosh Gowariker who have come to his rescue.

With his magnumopus Mohenjo Daro, releasing 4months down he line Hrithik and the film pr is all set to make such a deafening buzz that everything else will quieten up. given the response to the teaser it will only be a matter of time that Kangana would be a forgotten news. When it concerns Hrithik it will be only and only Mohenjo Daro. Given it will be hrithik’s outing once again with the director that made Hrithik a nice little space in the History of cinema with a movie like Jodha Akhbar, Hrithik has full faith in him to do something that will make this film even more phenomenal.

“It has been a long wait, we have been hearing about Ashutosh and Mohenjo Daro for a while and more so Hrithik’s fans are impatiently waiting to see a little more of the actor. Once the film is nearing it will be lapped up before it is served. Clearly there will be no talking about anything else for a while,” said the trade analysts who claim that Mohenjo Daro’s firstlook has cause more curiousity than any of Hrithik’s films thus far.