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Hrithik Suzanne Could Teach Karishma a Thing Or Two!


It is finally over for Karishma Kapoor. The six year old battle between her and Sanjay Kapur finally will hit the shelves of the courthouse and the lawyers will call it a day. But the ugliness of the fight will leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths. The alimony and custody battle that went on for six long years grew uglier by the minute, with dowry allegations and even physical assault and adultery making it into the scene.

Given it was one of the high profile divorces, it is true that it deserved more than its share of media attention but that can’t be the reason for the ugliness. Look at Hrithik-Suzanne for instance, their marriage might have broken but they never once took to washing their dirty linen in public. If Suzanne has to be away from town, Hrithik babysits the kids, there is understanding and communication despite the fact that the two of them are no way in coming back to where they once were.

“It is the whole process of making the kids feel secure and remain secure despite the parents not being together, it comes from a lot of maturity and the way Hrithik and Suzanne have handled their differences have really been wonderful. Other than the announcement made by Hrithik, there has been nothing written or spoken by them. They are maintaining silence and while the media is making their conjunctures it is nothing that is been confirmed by them. It really goes to show that despite their personal hurt and confusion they have kept their kids above it all, something Karishma and her husband failed to do when they started talking about how Sanjay hasn’t cared for the kids when they were ailing etc…” quipped our source.