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Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook page gets hacked


Trouble doesn’t seem to end for Hrithik Roshan. Another major problem occurred when on Monday Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook page was hacked.

Hrithik Roshan’s page was hacked by a young hacker. The hacker went live on his Facebook feed and that’s when fans realized that the person was not Hrithik. Soon after the live session, the person changed Hrithik’s display photo and it seemed like a teenager was the hacker. As soon as the news spread, Hrithik Roshan’s team got in action and deactivated the page until they got it back. He confirmed it by saying, “An enterprising individual managed to hack my page earlier in the day. However, the matter has been taken care of and the page is mine once more.- Hrithik.”

The live session and display photo of the hacker was removed.