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Hrithik Roshan is focussing on his fitness for now, but refrains from confirming on his next film


After various controversies and a lull career-wise, actor Hrithik Roshan is finally enjoying a much need success, but success has also made the actor very lazy. “Right now, I am in the process to get back into the best shape possible. Not for some particular film, but I think it is high time I start being as fit as I used to be. The success of Kaabil has made me a little bit lazy,” says Hrithik.

The actor is also in talk for his upcoming movie which is based on the Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar. Kumar runs the famous ‘Super 30’ program for IIT aspirants in Patna. He mainly trains the economically backward students for IIT-JEE. He started the program in 2002.

Looking at the recent trends at the box office, Hrithik feels that it is high time that content takes precedence but it is also empowering to bring stories of underdogs into the limelight.

“If an opportunity present itself then it is great and cinema is a fantastic medium to bring such stories that are empowering. I am still in discussions but it is not official. I haven’t yet signed the film,” says the ‘Kaabil’ actor, refusing to confirm on the film.

“It is good that content is now taking precedence. I always say to myself that it has to appeal to a human side of me and not to the star. Which is why I choose the kind of film that I know will connect with the fans and the audience. I don’t concentrate on anything else expect of the fact that has it moved me and have I cried. Sometimes, it happens that the scene is emotional and you imagine the audience crying, but have you cried? It the script moving you?” he adds.

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The film tentatively titled “Super 30” will trace Anand’s rise to fame as the founder of the program. Recently, Kumar posted picture of his meeting with Hrithik and director Vikas Bahl. If all goes well, then in his journey of 17 years in the film industry, it is for the first time that Hrithik will be acting in a biopic. Kumar also met actress Katrina Kaif recently and this has led to speculation that she might team up with Hrithik again, after “Bang Bang”.

At an event to promote a luxury watch brand, that actor talked about his role as a father and how he is pushing his sons to take up sports to inculcate a sportsmanship quality in them. “I push my kids to adopt some sports in which they must try and excel, because I really feel that sportsmanship builds character. Sports is really important in life and it teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you survival and skill, but it also teaches you how to work as a community. It is using competition to be the best version of yourself,” says Hrithik, adding further that he has no plan to direct any film, right now.