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How Bollywood actresses achieve near perfect figures?



This world’s health day how can we avoid our good eating habits. Let’s have a look on our how our Bollywood stars take their eating routines seriously which in return give them good physique and skin.

Lauren Gottlieb – For her, fitness is her life. She says, ”If you don’t treat your body right, it’s not going to support you” Being a conscious eater she makes sure she always carry fruits, veggies and almonds with her where ever she goes. This not only refreshes her but also gives her a lot of energy.

Patralekha – She strictly follows turmeric diet, where she has a lot intake of turmeric, which gives her that flawless skin. She not only eats food with turmeric but she always include drinks to make her skin look that radiant.

Monica Dogra – Monica is a health freak, she makes sure she eats and drinks healthy to maintain her weight. She never misses to drink her smoothie in the morning, she likes mixed berries, watermelon, musk melon and many other fruits. She finds all the fruit smoothies yummy.

Lisa Hayden –  Lisa says that she likes to eat large meals do that she doesn’t feel tempted in between the meals. If she feels like eating a chocolate she makes sure she eats one of the best chocolates. Also she makes sure she burns the amount of calories she has gained. She says she has to do a lot to look like that fit.