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Homer, Marge deny split rumours in ‘The Simpsons’ video


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Los Angeles: After “The Simpsons” producer Al Jean quashed rumors that Homer and Marge were separating in the season 27 premiere, the animated couple now appears in a new video to address the reports. In the clip titled “Together Forever”, they assure fans that they’re “as solid as a rock” to debunk the “baseless rumors” regarding the state of their marriage, reports In the video, Homer mentions that he indeed “nearly slept with the donut lady”, and then he gets down on one knee to apologise to his wife. “Marge, sweetie, I hardly apologized for all my actions during this video about how much we love each other, can you forgive me,” he said. The new season of “The Simpsons” premieres September 27 on FOX.