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Highest paid celebrities of 2016 in Bollywood


ShahRukh Khan weighs in at 86 on the annual Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid celebrities of 2016, while Akshay Kumar is not far behind at 94.

If SRK’s earnings have been pegged at $33 million, Akshay’s figure stands at $31.5. According to Forbes, Shah Rukh continues to rule Bollywood’s box office with lead roles in hit films and also earns multimillion dollars upfront fees and a cut of the back end for his efforts. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.

Despite being on the list, Akshay’s ranking slipped from 76 in 2015. Nevertheless, Forbes described Akshay as being one of Bollywood’s busiest leading men, adding, “The action star bolsters his earnings endorsing a wider range of products than most Hollywood shills including motorcycles and gold loan company.” We are impressed!