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‘Hero’ Sooraj Pancholi unplugged


He may have moved on but the spotlight on his past has not. His contemporaries have also faced the brunt of their exes but he has had to literally face the wrath of the past. While his first leading lady Athiya Shetty is busy promoting her second film, Sooraj has just signed his upcoming projects with Prabhudheva and Faruk Kabir’s film, Hafiz. Talking more about Athiya, the actor says that he is happy with her choice of film and why has he been so choosy. Excerpts from the interview:-

You took your time to sign for 2nd film after your debut. What was going on in your mind that led to this delay?

There were a few scripts that came my way and they were good. But I did not find anything that was made for me, the roles were such that I didn’t think I had the experience to pull them off. I didn’t want to be someone who says yes to something but cannot pull it off. So, I needed more time to pull of such characters, I am still new, still learning the roots of acting and everything. Now, the film that I have signed with Prabhu sir is something that is I will really enjoy doing.

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So what attracted you these two films?

Of course, I can’t say much about the project right now. It is going to be a typical commercial entertainer with action, dance, romance and it has the full package.

It seems like you like the commercial cinema more than the serious cinema?

No, it is not like that. I like the serious cinema more, but I think I need to grow as an actor to do justice to those roles. I need to know my capabilities before I can attempt these roles.

You have been training hard for Haafiz, tell us something more about that?

I have been training every single day even if I am not on the set. I have training on my speech, on my delivery so there is so much more to learn. Like I said I am still learning, I am still the baby in the industry. I need to do so much more work to understand what all I lack. But I am trying to fix whatever has happened.

Athiya moved on quickly and her second Mubarakan is coming out, how do you feel about that?

I am really happy that she is in Mubarakan, I did read the story and it is very interesting film. Athiya and I are in touch every day, we even spoke a while back. This is what we have worked for and I am glad she is doing so well.

Did her quick movement bother you?

No, it is not written anywhere that it says that we need to sign our next project together. Someone had to start first and I am happy that she hast started with Mubarakan.

If you got a chance to work with her again, what kind of project do you see yourself in?

I really want to do a commercial film with Athiya. I think she is a fun person to be around. I like having fun on sets and fooling around. That is how we were when we were working in Hero.

There were rumours floating around that actress were not very comfortable working with you, how do you feel about that?

I have heard about it, but everyone has their own choice. I don’t think anyone who was approached. I don’t know how these rumours have come out. Only time will speak. It is not that they don’t want to work with me, they probably don’t want with the producers or the director, or they don’t like the role in the film. There can be many factors.

Were you disappointed with the response your debut film Hero got?

No, we did better than Heropanti. We did 48 cr but Tiger’s film did just 46cr.

With Salman doing a promotional song for you, his name also got attached to the project so did you feel the expectations were unrealistic for your first film?

I don’t know what people expected from two newcomers. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but if you look at the new generation stars, for them to hit even 30crs is impossible seeing how the industry is doing today. I am not saying I am better than them, I just trying to defend my movie.

After the film released have you ever gone back to Salman for help and guidance?

I have never gone to him for help. He doesn’t like guiding people. He has always advised me to do whatever I like doing with regards to films. Of course if I feel that lost I do ask him for an answer. That is it. He doesn’t want me to depend on him.

So, who do you depend on?

My mother

Do you think over time people have moved on from past and gradually focus on talents?

It has been four and a half years now, and I have defiantly moved on. My case is still in the court and when people ask me about this there is not much that I can say or do until the court judgement is not out, whatever I or anyone else says does not matter. It does take time but the truth will be out, whether I am wrong or write.

Is there anyone in the industry who you really look up to?

I would like to say Varun (Dhawan). He is so hard working. He is doing exactly what he knows he can do and that is also what I am looking to do. I don’t want to do something just for the sake of it and that is exactly what Varun is doing.