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Here’s why Ranveer cried when Aditya offered him BEFIKRE 


Ranveer Singh

News was abuzz with Ranveer Singh playing the lead in Aditya Chopra’s next production and with that Aditya is returning to the director’s chair after seven years.

A mustachioed Ranveer builds a conversation with viewers in a three minute video that breaks the exciting development. Donning a hat, black framed spectacles and a sweatshirt, Ranveer starts with a story of where his Bollywood journey began

Ranveer starts with a story of where his Bollywood journey began: “In case you are wondering where I am. I am at a very special place. This is the fourth floor at Yash Raj Studios. It’s where Yashji used to sit and Adi sir sits, and essentially where I started my journey as an actor,” Ranveer says in the video.

“About five years ago, I was a struggling actor and it was my dream to be in the movies and I gave this audition…and after many auditions I was called into this office where Adi sir sits. He sat me across the couch and he gave me the news that I was selected to be the lead in the Yash Raj film, and I sat across the couch but I showed no emotion,” said the actor, who made debut in Bollywood with YRF’s Band BaajaBaaraat in 2010.

He went on to add that he simply nodded and listened to what Aditya had to say, but soon after stepping out of his room, it “kind of dawned on me what just happened”. “My dream had been realised and the news was so overwhelming that I went down on my knees and realized what had just happened and I started crying. Adi sir emerged from here and he saw me crying. He put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘You will do it’. And now five years later, I’ve had a little bit of journey as an actor.”

Calling his journey wonderful, he said that he always wanted to be in Aditya’s film and “to be directed by my mentor”. It was like deja vu for him as he returned to the same office and had a chat with the filmmaker. When he was being told about the film’s casting, he did the same – showed no emotion! And after walking out of the room, he realised what’s just happened and he got overwhelmed again. The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge director put his arm across the actor’s shoulder and told him the same thing.

“So this is something that is a really big deal for me… close to my heart. Adi sir is such a good filmmaker. He could have had whosoever he wanted to be in his movie, but he chose me, that mean a lot to me. That’s special, so I want to share that with you guys,” Ranveer signs off.

This video was an innovation after Aditya chose to announce Befikre on his father and veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra’s 83rd birth anniversary last month, via an imaginary conversation in an e-letter.