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Here’s how Kajol stays fit


If you continue to be struck by Kajol’s glowing countenance – frankly, she looks better now in her forties than she did 20 years ago! – the answer lies in strictly following some simple rules. For starters, no late nights; the actress is a firm believer in the benefits of early to bed and early to rise.

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Then she makes it a point to work out early in the morning for 90 minutes every day. She burns off all excess calories – she cannot resist the occasional Bengali mithai – and stays trim and toned doing weight training and endurance exercises in her home gym. She is obsessed with sticking to a balanced diet and drinking two-and-a-half litres of water every day. Her beauty regimen is not complicated – cleansing, toning and moisturising scrupulously. Her hair care routine is simple regular oiling which helps keep her tresses shiny and healthy.

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When it comes to make-up, she likes keeping it understated. This means neutrals for her skin and lips, even as she highlights her eyes more prominently. Comfort is her main dressing mantra, while her fave style icon is none other than mommy Tanuja. The devoted daughter can’t help marvelling at how amazing her mother still looks. Twenty years later, we bet Nysa will be echoing the same compliment!