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Heidi Klum loves sunbathing, skinny dipping


Supermodel Heidi Klum says she loves the chance to indulge in nude sunbathing and skinny dipping.

The 44-year-old loves to sit out in the sun with no clothes on, but only if she finds a spot where no one can see her, reports

Asked about her guilty pleasure, Klum told Event magazine: “Sunbathing naked. If there’s a place on a private island or a beach where there aren’t any people, I like to go skinny-dipping or sunbathe nude.”

But Klum has to face her fears first in order to travel to a sunny destination because she has a phobia of flying. “I’m scared of flying. On the plane I am always bursting into tears, pressing the call button and asking a stewardess to sit next to me, or if there’s no seat there I’ll ask if I can go and sit with them in the kitchen area,” she said.