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Heat not an issue for Meri Durga cast


The summer heat wave is here and shooting outdoors during the day is takes a toll on our telly actor. But the unit of Meri Durga is doing this have tackled the heat without any fuss.

Actress Rishina Kandhari who plays the English teacher Senorita Sehgal in the show is one of the cast members who is enjoying the outdoor schedule. “The upcoming drama in Meri Durga has the inter school race for which actors are shooting outdoor. We are shooting in a huge ground where we keep playing cricket or simply keep running behind each other when we are not shooting. It’s really hot but with these kids around we don’t realize it and the whole day is passed with ease sipping orange glucose to keep the energy levels up,” Rishina Kandhari said. Seems like the heat can damper their sprits.

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