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He wrestled with the Phogats…and lived to tell the tale


Aparshakti Khurrana, a name that has become super famous post Dangal, is promising much more fun. In a casual conversation with Shubarna Mukerji Shu

For someone who didn’t have any connections with Bollywoood, till your brother Ayushmann happened to sign Vicky Donnor, after the immense success of Dangal now – what does the world of cinema – Bollywood to be precise, mean to you?

Right now, all things Bollywood is only centered around one person for me – Aamir Khan! He is an institution in himself. For me, my Bollywood experience has been him.

It might sound redundant but do tell how was it working with Aamir Khan! Give us the details

Have you ever had a dream and thought that reality would never come close to what you felt in that dream. Working with Aamir Khan has been a dream, I didn’t even know I had. As I said before that he is an institution in himself, DANGAL was an apt schooling a beginner would want in the start of his career. He is just so PERFECT.

Given you have a brother in the same profession… it might have its pros and cons right? Does the good outweigh the bad? Or is it vice versa?

Of course, there is better to it than bad, the most important thing anyone needs when they are taking up a new profession is guidance. And having a brother in the profession certainly helps because there is someone to guide you. The bad part is that there is a constant comparison, which is totally unfair. He and I are not the same, not doing the same kind of work either so how can there be any comparison.

Today Dangal is a super hit. Your character well loved. But it was a gamble since in the midst of an Aamir Khan film while all your scenes are with the man himself getting lost could have been an inevitable outcome.

Working with Aamir Khan is a lot about the journey and not the final output, which I think is quite evident from all his films. So I wasn’t quite worried about my scenes getting lost since I was quite content with the work I had done and what I had learnt in the year that I spent with the team.

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What was the toughest part in the film?
There is no doubt that the toughest part for me in Dangal was the narration.

Given you have always said you are not pitting yourself against your brother. We would really like to know what your vision for yourself is like…

Honestly, I am not thinking too much. Just taking life as it comes. Same goes for the opportunities. I think I shouldn’t take this little success seriously.

What happens next?

I am doing a special appearance for a Dharma Film and working on my second song which I have composed and written and might sing it as well.