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Harshvardhan is mama’s boy!


The trailer of Mirziyan has elicited a staggering response, but its leading man, Harshvardhan Kapoor is trying hard not to get swept away.

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Son of Anil and Sunita Kapoor and brother of Sonam and Rhea, the attention and expectations could get frightening, but Harsh avers that he is not nervous because he is confident about what they have achieved with the movie.

What’s more he is surprisingly objective and critical about himself. He believes he has already achieved everything he wanted to in every moment of the film and has won his battle with himself. Confident in the knowledge that he has exceeded his own expectations, he is positive that people will appreciate their work.

Despite his formidable lineage, he doesn’t feel the pressure to prove himself as he is aware of what he has to offer as an actor and a person. Armed with the knowledge of his limitations and his unique abilities, he believes he is off to a good start.

He’s got his dad’s support too, even though he claims he doesn’t exactly heed advice. Strong-headed, he listens to what others say but prefers to do his own thing. But yes, it does matter to him that his father watched Mirziyan and loved it.

Anil is clearly being a great father here, as he has recommended that Harsh should chase the kind of films he wants to do and not get affected by what his contemporaries are doing. Yes, Papa also feels that there is no actor of Harsh’s type in the country yet, as he singles out his son’s charismatic eyes and unique persona for special attention.

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Interestingly, Harsh feels he is more like his mother Sunita, right from their eyes, to their business acumen. He is also into nutrition and health and is disciplined like her. While his father is full of energy and eager to work all the time, himself is calm and patient when it comes to work, preferring to devote his time and energy to one film at a time. Needless to add his thinking is aeons away from his dad’s philosophy of ‘Keep doing something all the time’!