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Happy birthday Rani Mukerji: find out everything she has to say about her motherhood journey!


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Rani Mukerji celebrates her 39th birthday today. After being a mother to a sweet little girl Adira, after the little girl turns two, Rani is all set to come back on the silver screen with ‘Hichki’.

Video Live chats with Rani Mukheji

From Mardani to motherhood

Rani had given a powerful performance in Mardaani, She went on a long break due to her pregnancy. After the birth of Adira, she was immersed in motherhood. She wanted to spend every single moments with Adira. she said in an interview with Bollywood life, I want to be a part of each milestone in my baby’s life from the first word to the first step, etc. I would’ve hated it if she’d done something for the first time and I wasn’t around to see it. For me, that thing was very important.

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As Adira came into Rani’s life, she changed

Adira was born to Rani and Aditya Chopra in 2015. She was named Adira, a combination of Aditya and Rani- Adi+Ra. As Adira came into Rani’s life, her life has been changed, she said, When I look back at my career, I feel I was another person. This is actually my new life because they say a child gives birth to a mother. I think motherhood has just made me a different person altogether. I think all women change when they become mothers. It’s an overnight thing. When I look back at my career of 22 years, I think now I am starting all over again. I am actually feeling fresh and new. Even the script that I have chosen, I think, it’s going to give me a lot of growth as an actor.

Letter to sweetheart Adira

Talking of her baby, Rani wrote, “I have become much calmer, more patient and more forgiving. It happened overnight one day suddenly I realized I have changed.. again for the better I guess. I hope I can bring Adira up beautifully. Without any fears.. Brave.. Wise.. Clever.. Disciplined.. Well Mannered. I want everyone to be proud of her.. Even if nobody is.. I will always be proud of her”