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Happy Birthday Ayushmann Khurrana: A fairy tale love story of Ayushmann and Tahira Kashyap


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Not just work, Ayushmann is also a doting husband to his wife and childhood sweetheart, Tahira. He admits that Tahira is his biggest critic and we love when we hear him talk about his lady luck like a teenager in love. Now that Ayushmann turns 34 today, we are here to tell you about Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap’s love life.

Their story started when both of them started attending the same tuition classes for 12th standard in Chandigarh. According to Tahira revealed the details in one of her interviews, “Both of us attended the same Physics tuition class when we were in the 12th standard. It was a batch of around 60 students and when I first met Ayushmann, I thought his name was Abhishek. Both me and my friend had a crush on him, but outwardly ignored him throughout the year. I later discovered that he also had a crush on me.”

Ayushmann in an Interviews explained about how he felt when he knew about Tahira having a crush on him, “When I got to know that she has a crush on me, I couldn’t believe it. I never ever thought she could feel this way for me. There were so many good looking guys in the class! I was nowhere close to them. Also, I didn’t believe in looking around or indulging in mild flirtations. Class over, I would head home. So, when someone told me that Tahira had a crush on me, I was on cloud nine. The girl, who every guy had a crush on, had a crush on me! It seemed impossible but I was damn happy.”

They both liked each other, but none of them dared to confess it. This teenage crush could have vanished into thin air if there had not been an interesting twist in the story. One fine day, Tahira’s father told her that they will be having dinner at one of his old friend’s place, who is an astrologer. Tahira got very excited when she got to know about the occupation of this certain friend of her dad’s, and decided to ask him about how would she fare in the competitive entrance exams she was preparing for. On reaching there, she found out that it was Ayushmann’s residence. They both were, so far, oblivious of the fact that their parents were friends! And this time, they did not let the moment pass, and finally talked to each other. Giving the details of this meeting in an interview, Ayushmann asserted.

Both had a crush on each other but never confessed, Tahira’s father and Ayushmann’s father were friend and one day Tahira’s family went to have dinner at Ayushmann’s residence, where the couple talked to each other, talking about the night Ayushmann said, “During that family dinner, we became friends. I played along that night. (Laughs) I behaved normally and didn’t let her know that I knew she had a crush on me.”

Tahira, on the other hand, gives all the credit to their parents for bringing them together, “I had this impression of him being a ‘cute guy’. But that night, he bowled me over with his charm, wit and of course, with the songs he sang.”

Both were friends when after they finished high school and finally started dating. Later they went to different colleges to do masters in Mass Communication, later due to the interest in drama they joined the same theatre group. Both wanted to get married but when Ayushmann told Tahira about his feeling of becoming an actor, she stood by him. Ayushmann explained the situation by saying, “We wanted to get married. That was our only plan after college. We didn’t think about our careers, but only about how and when we would get married. However, when I shared my aspirations of becoming an actor with her, she gave up all hopes of marriage. She knew that her parents wouldn’t accept ‘an actor’ or be cool with the idea of their daughter leading such a life in Mumbai.”

Within a few years, Ayushmann proposed Tahira in the most charming way. Tahira in an interview talked about the proposal, she said, “Ayushmann formally proposed to me just last year when we got married in November 2011. He did it like a gentleman with a ring, music playing in the background, red roses, wine and a romantic candlelight dinner.” The couple got married in November 2011.

Ayushmann and Tahira are a happily married since then and have two kids. On the birth of his daughter, Ayushmann expressed his emotions by saying, “There’s a birth of a father again. Was proud to be the first one to get married in my batch of 99 of St John’s High School, Chandigarh. I’m also the youngest father. It’s a feat to be a parent in your 20s. It’s overwhelming! O, boy! It’s a baby girl! I learnt humility from my mother, chivalry from my wife, will become compassionate because of my daughter.”