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Gulshan’s fight to overcome his fears


gulshan devaiahgulshan devaiah

Gulshan Devaiah who is seen doing a cameo in Junooniyat had a tough time while shooting on the Ferris wheel for the film. Being an acrophobic and an actor is not easy as work makes you do things that you’re super scared to do.

Gulshan’s nervousness during the shoot was so clearly visible and Yami had to help him calm down and relax as his nervousness was being captured on the camera. To overcome this phobia of his, Gulshan plans on taking a trip to Australia early next month. Australia is a land filled with thrill and adventure.

Gulshan who has been scared to theme parks and thrilling rides plans on visiting theme parks and also trying new activities with his wife there. Being his support system, Kalliroi is helping Gulshan get out of this fear before acrophobia makes things worse for him.

When asked Gulshan said, “I am not much of an adventurous person and it sometimes comes as a shock to some people, I don’t like large crowds or adventure parks, new places or such things. I am a very nervous traveller too. So me and my darling wife are planning to go on an adventure trip to Australia in the next month or so , but work dates need to be sorted before that … Yes I am using work to try and avoid the trip that’ll scare the shit out of me ..But I shall go and try to face my fears and possibly become a stronger person”.