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Guddi plans for Shraddha!


She is a Kapoor alright but her mom’s maharashtrian genes are also extremely predominant in Shraddha. The girl is all set to start promotions for her film Baaghi with the super agile Tiger Shroff but before all of that starts she wants to spend some time at home especially during Padwa.

The girl is hoping to having some relaxed time with family and some yummy food to go with it. Given the girl is already too slim, she never really had to watch what she is eating but this day she surely wants to let go a little.

“When you become an actor you might as well sign a contract stating you will not want to celebrate any family functions and such, there is no personal time for public figures most of the time and yet, Shraddha is soemoen who insists she manages to remove a little time for her family. And this guddi padwa she really is hoping she will have atleast half a day all for herself and her family. It is not really much to ask so she’s hoping she can amke it for some good food and family time. She is someone who is really close to her mother especially and wants to make sure she spends that day with her.” stated our source.