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“Gradually conquering my wish list”, says Rasika Dugal


Rasika Dugal might not be among the popular names in the business but this girl from Jharkhand has raised expectations with her performance in Qissa opposite Irrfan Khan

Busy working across all mediums of entertainment, Rasika Dugal barely has time to spare. A TV series called Prisoners Of War (POW), a web series called, Humorously Yours, a short film that she finished recently and a few films to starts shooting for. She might not be among the popular names in the business but this girl from Jharkhand has raised expectations with her performance in QISSA opposite Irrfan Khan. No wonder this talented actress will be seen essaying Saadat Hasan Manto’s wife in a biopic directed by Nandita Das.

You’ve worked through all the mediums of entertainment. From films, stage plays, web series and television series. Which one are you biased towards?

 This is quiet a good time for me and other actors because a lot has been happening now. I just did a shot film called CHATNI. I worked on a web series(Humorously Yours) and it’ll be coming out soon. Also am working for a TV series, once that’s done I’ll be looking out for a film. It’s all coming together at one time, so it’s very exciting for me. If you ask me what am biased to then I would say films.

Why films?

It’s more of a romantic idea that I can’t let go off. I trained at the film institute (Pune). More than studying acting there it was over whelming experience for me to be studying at a place that has such a rich history. FTII was Prabhat Studios initially.

We watched films every single day and had access to the film archives. Those were the things which are very special for me and I romanticize them on a way. Something about the space of films that is very attractive to me. I also like the idea of so many entities coming together to make one project happen. The grandeur and the scale of a film makes me feel good about it.

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Was acting always on your mind?

I was never one of those people who set out with the aim of becoming an actor. I enjoyed doing it when I was in college. I studied in Delhi and my first big stags show happened there and before that some small skits and dramatization in school. I am from Jharkhand and I never thought of having a career in films at any point. You need to have a very legitimate reason to be in films when you come from a small town.

Practically you have to pay for rent and living so that’s something what theatres isn’t enough for. I did my Mass Comm along with it.

But acting was something that I liked and you know when you are in your 20s and you are free spirited so you do what you like. I had studied films a little and I was intrigued by films. I read in the newspaper about FTIIs acting course and I enrolled and luckily got through.

How is MANTO shaping up?

Nandita and me have met and just discussed the important portions of the film. Nandita is a very straightforward and correct person and it’s very difficult to find people who tell you how things really are and how to go about it. Also she’s worked very hard on the scripting and research and the back ground work. It’s because of her sensitivities and her views on a lot of things that am working with her on this one. Also the subject of the film, MANTO, basically presents his political views and his writing is something thatNandita agrees with. Am excited to work with her.

You are paired opposite Nawazuddin who has been praised for breaking stereotype as an actor. How do you look at Nawaz and his acting? 

I am very very impressed with him. He has managed to put forth across different kinds of films. Hes done phenomenal work in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and RAMAN RAGHAV 2.0 which are the sort of independent style of film making even though they had good budgets. Also excellent work in NEW YORK or BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN or even KICK. Am really amazed by that. Am excited to work with him, it’s been on my wish list for a while.

Who else is on your wish list? 

I remember last year, during the promotions of QISSA with Irrfan Khan, I was asked which other actor I would like to work with, I told them that Nawazuddin, NeerajKabi, AdilHussain, ManojBajpayee. I don’t know how but I’ll be working with Nawazuddin soon, I worked with Adil on a short film, I worked with NeerajKabi also on a film called ONCE AGAIN. I felt, I could have asked for more maybe I could have got that too. Maybe working with Robert De Niro. Am happy that am doing this kind of work in the industry.