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Ghostbusters: Highly spirited



Film: Ghostbusters

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dance, Bill Murray, Andy Garcia

Director: Paul Feig

This spirited reboot of Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters which unleashed three decades ago returns with the original fighters in cameos (and the incomparable Sigourney Weaver too) while a new quartet of empowered females takes up where they left off. Under director Paul Feig’s baton, the feisty four (McCarthy, McKinnon, Wiig and Jones) and their male sidekick (Hemsworth) bring a zany take to this mash-up of the supernatural and comedy.

The new Ghostbusters do what they’re primed to do, between bouts of potty humour and jousts with malevolent ghosts who spew green slime all over Manhattan, from its haunted houses and rock shows to the sidewalks and space.

Feminists will surely rejoice at the girl power in Feig’s version; the four ghostbusters combine the intellect and fighting skills; whereas Hemsworth’s character is all brawn and no brains. On second thoughts, latter day Simone de Beauvoirs may disapprove of the way Columbia Prof. Erin (Wiig) goes weak in the knees at the sight of the hired help, Kevin (Hemsworth). If you don’t take the goofy goings-on seriously though, you will laugh at the script’s clever subversion of stock characters in real life. Jones’s character is a post post-modern evangelist – she slaps some sense into Abby (McCarthy) in one kooky scene saying, “The devil is a liar!” So true.

I also wondered if the Arthur Miller-Marilyn Monroe pairing in real life was the inspiration for the celluloid couple. Perhaps it was. Or perhaps not. After all, Hemsworth’s cerebrally-challenged PA is a reel-time amplification of the real-life dumb blonde. But life and living is all about change and in Feig’s capable hands, Kevin gets a chance to show off his chops in the best Thor fashion. Enjoy!