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Get set for a new Tusshar Kapoor in 2018


There are times when you think you have someone all figured out, but predictable is something Tusshar Kapoor is NOT! Be it his sudden decision to be a dad or his quiet success in Golmaal or his plans to try out television – Tusshar Kapoor has a bag of surprises lined up even for 2018, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu.

I always thought Tusshar Kapoor was a sweet person, not demanding, not fussy and very hardworking. Such people often don’t manage to get the kind of attention the louder, crazier celebrities do. And yet, here I was watching hordes of people flocking to him speaking the ‘Lucky-lingo’ from ‘Golmaal’, telling me, Lakshya’s dad has managed to get his audience in a fuss-free, diligent manner…

Months after the release, the charts are still buzzing with songs from Golmaal Again, I didn’t really think the franchise would have done as well as it did. What do you think worked?

We came back with the much loved franchise but, after a long gap. I guess that was the reason why it worked so much. People were wanting to see what we would do this time around. And we are glad to have not disappointed them. It is a much loved franchise, so it comes with the territory but the reception was grand.

It was the first film you did, after becoming daddy!

Had it not been Golmaal particularly, I wouldn’t have done the film. My son needs me around and more importantly, I don’t want to miss anything he does. I want to be right there with him. Since, it was the boys and Golmaal crew is like family, I decided that I would do this one. The timing of the film couldn’t have been better.

Post Kya Kool… I was not feeling very good, when I decided to be a father, it came from perhaps the thought of being lonely, everyone needs that someone who makes you want to come home. Lakshya has totally taken care of all that however one cannot forget that being a parent is a lot of responsibility too. And the gap between Kya Kool… and Golmaal really worked for me.

Isn’t it overwhelming to be doing everything single-handedly for a first time parent. I am speaking about the decision making factors… not nappy jobs

I have been on nappy duty too, though of course, we have help and my parents are right there with me, standing by my side, giving me advice when I need it. But then, of course, I need to do things for my own too. Currently I am researching the schools in the city, it is confusing but it is fun. I can see my boy grow up which is a new high.

When you spoke about responsibility, the need to do things ‘correctly’ becomes more important when you are a parent. Be it parenting decisions or career choices… how have you been coping?

As of now, my career choices are simple – is the film really that good that I should be making Lakshya travel or leave him home and make a quick trip? I don’t want to do things for the heck of doing it. I guess, parenthood changes perspective and priorities, likewise. It’s essential that I work out the balance, which I think I have so far.

I am a hands-on dad, so it is essential that I spend enough time with my son, doing things that father and son do together. Plus it is also important that I give time to my work commitments, so I have figured out a regime that works perfectly for me. Like right now, we are doing the interview post 8pm because that’s when Lakshya sleeps. I helped him sleep and now I am free to do my work.

But what about me-time, being with friends and taking a little time out?

Post this interview I will go for a massage, so I manage to fit in me-time too. It is all thanks to the supportive family I have, they are always there when I need them. In fact, they are all waiting for their exclusive Lakshya-time, it is nice to see your parents turn all fuzzy in the head looking at their grandson.

So what next?

As of now, I am not going to sign anything till the new years. I want to spend the holiday season with my family and friends, other than that I have a few things on my mind. I want to delve into a genre that I haven’t tapped before, perhaps a horror film or so…

Horror is a hit or miss genre, it is always a gamble to get into it…

Aren’t all films a gamble? I will obviously opt for something that comes with a decent banner, for me it will be the thrill of doing a regular, fancy-free appearance that seems mundane and gets damn scary. Issue with horror films is when it starts getting gimmicky, that really needs to be avoided.

I think I would also enjoy doing something like a hardcore action film. Kick some serious butt. The thing is, I am done playing safe… there is more to me and its time it is reflected. Thankfully, since Golmaal has worked so well, I can take my time to choose.

I am sensing 2018 will be seeing a whole different side of you…

I will tell you this, when I just started making movies, despite being from a film background, I was trying to get my footing here. Mostly following what my father had learnt from his days, do as many films as possible, don’t refuse a film if you can fit it into your schedule etc. And I realized down the line that it doesn’t work that way. We cannot work around the same principles my dad followed because the industry has changed.
I think that helped clear my mind. Today I am open for suggestions and my open to try something new. I don’t know, what films I will be signing, perhaps I will get into television. I like the thought of doing something which requires two or three month commitment, like a game show or something. To answer your question, 2018 will be seeing me experimenting, and setting new horizons for myself.