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Genelia’s got all the luck 



Genelia Deshmukh perhaps has the best husband in the world. Okay! If that sounds like an exaggeration, thinking again after reading this snippet. Everyone knows that the Deshmukh’s are expecting their second child shortly and while everyone is buzzing with excitement for the new member in their family, Riteish realized that perhaps Genelia needs some time out before her third semester confinement.

The actor apparently coaxed his wife to take a few days off and go on a vacation to Dubai. Given it will soon be nights of no sleep and diaper rounds again, we are very impressed by Riteish’s thoughtfulness about it. “Genelia and Riteish don’t go all out to talk about their love for each other, you won’t find them overly into PDA or anything of the sort, but the two of them are very attuned to each other, they sense what the other needs and often make efforts towards it even before the other realizes, which I think shows in the kind of relationship they share. Apparently, Genelia was surprised when Riteish recommended a short vacation for her, wherein he will join her later to host an awards show,” quipped a close friend of the couple.

One look at Genelia’s glowing face, it tells you that the couple are really doing something right when it comes to having a relationship in the world where everyone is only talking divorces. Seeing the Deshmukhs does make you believe in the constitution of marriage and how sacred it is.