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Geeta Nair shares her personal experience


parent’s death does leave a hole in every child’s heart. But then life presents us with such opportunities which help us move on. Dhhai Kilo Prem actress Geeta Nair experienced this first hand. Geeta, who was recently introduced on the show playing Deepika’s Taayi, Rukmani, with a shade of grey, recently posted a heart-warming post for her producer Sandiip Sikcand. Talking about her grief, the actress posted about losing her mother and that was when Sandiip approached her to play the part which as per her post has been a turning point in her life.

The post reads, ‘Like they say nothing is bigger than the show, now while at the sets, I am in a different state of mind. It’s almost as if my mom didn’t want me to cry anymore and so she sent me this part from heaven.’