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Fryday movie: Review, Cast, Director


Film: Fryday

Cast: Govinda, Varun Sharma, Digangana Suryavanshi, Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Brijendra Kala, Atul Mathur

Director: Abhishek Dogra

Rating: * * ½

A silly, disjointed set-up that leads to myriad complications – forms the basis for this madcap comedy directed by Abhishek Dogra. On appearance, this attempt seems a little ambitious in its hopes of becoming the Viagra shot for Govinda’s limp Bollywood career. While the story by Rajiv Kaul and screenplay by Manu Rishi Chaddha bind together two contrasting streams of thought too crudely for comic comfort, it’s basically the actors who rise above the pedestrian script and unimaginative byplay to allow for some laugh-out-loud, slapstick levity. Much of the film plays out as an absurd comedy with contrived logic and appropriated reasoning.

Govinda as Gagan Kapoor, a theatre performer well known for stealing the lines of his co-actors, is in the process of testing his bounds of marriage to Bela (Prableen Sandhu), an NGO activist, by entering into a clandestine affair with Bindu (Digangana Suryavanshi) who is unhappily married to a much older widower, a cop, Ranpal (Rajesh Sharma). Bela invites Rajiv (Varun Sharma), a water purifier salesman freshly motivated by quirky guru Manchanda (Sanjay Mishra), to install the unit at her home while she is in Shimla. Gagan is unaware of this and takes up the opportunity to canoodle with Bindu. Things get to a head when a thief (Brijendra Kala), Rajiv, his assistant (Ishtiaq Khan), Ranpal and Bela herself inopportunely congregate at the house and catch Gagan in a clinch with Bindu.

The comedy of errors may play out in outlandish fashion, but the unerring comic timing and theatrical improvisations by Govinda and the sad-sack vulnerability that Varun Sharma personifies here, make the magic happen. The narrative, though patchy, comes in for a few laughs and the rest, though unrealistic, is never infuriating or over the top. The women, central to the telling, don’t amount to much here. This is entirely Govinda and Varun Sharma’s showboat!

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