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From ‘October’ to ‘Ankhon Dekhi’: 7 Bollywood movies with unusual climaxes which will leave you stunned


Commercial films in Bollywood are made larger than life but there are some spectacular movies which are made for Indian audience which are not larger than life but has some unusual climax. The climax of those movies are commendable, the latest movie October of Shoojit Sircar is a good example, the movie commercially tanked but critically it was applauded and most surprisingly the climax of the film grabbed the eye balls of audience. The movie is based on the love story between Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu which left audience speechless after they saw the acting of both the actors. So in this FPJ feature we bring to you seven movies which had mesmerizing climax.


The cult film of Bollywood, Mahesh Manjrekar had given his best film so far. And Sanjay Dutt and other actors in the movie did a fabulous work and justice to the character. And how can one forget the climax scene from the movie, Raghu (Sanjay Dutt) Unable to save himself from the police, Raghu comes back to his home and tells his mother to save him. He apparently has lost his mental balance, become crazy and starts hallucinating. His mother takes him away to safety. He tells her to take his gun and kill him, so she remembers how Raghu had once taught her how to use a gun, pulls the trigger and kills him.

As the film ends, the family is seen fulfilling the annual rites of Raghu on the Mumbai beach, as the film had begun, with Raghu’s mother explaining all that happened to her young grandson.


The movie stars Sridevi and Kamal Hassan in the lead roles along with music composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The film tells the story of Nehalata (Sridevi), a young girl who regresses to childhood after suffering a head injury in a car crash. Lost, she ends up trapped in a brothel before being rescued by Somu (Haasan), a lonely school teacher who falls in love with her. 

 However the climax part from the film gives you goosebumps, Kamal Hassan acting is exceptional,When Somu comes to meet Reshmi later that day, he finds out from the villagers and  that Reshmi and her parents have left long ago and he was late. He follows the train to the destination.

He meets Reshmi there but unfortunately despite all his efforts, she is indifferent to him .Thus, she is seen abandoning a heart broken Somu who was so attached to his Reshmi and the unique relationship that they had once briefly shared.


Two superstar in one frame, the film and its most shattering climax scene will leave you in tears. Rajesh Khanna on the verge of death and Amitabh Bachchan expressing his emotions.

Anand’s (Rajesh Khanna) condition gradually deteriorates, but he does not want to spend his remaining time in a hospital bed; he instead roams freely and helps everyone. He discovers that Bhaskar ( Amitabh Bachchan) has strong feelings for Renu (Sumita Sanyal), whom he treated previously for pneumonia. He helps Bhaskar to express his love and convinces Renu’s mother to bless their marriage. He tells Bhaskar that everyone should remember him as a lively person and not as a cancer patient. His end comes and he dies amongst his friends and everyone remembers him as a vibrant and lively person. Bhaskar becomes more philosophical and continues to help the helpless with more empathy and maturity.

A Wednesday

The film showed the outrage of a common man, who can become a villain to protect his family and society against the evil. All the actors in the movie had played a pivotal role, Rathod ( Anupam Kher ) and common man (Naseeruddin Shah) acting was the magical touch in the movie and how can any one forget the climax of the film where Rathod and common man meet, identifying the anonymous caller on the basis of a face sketch, Rathod offers the man a ride home and introduces himself.

In a voice over, Rathod says the man told him his real name but he does not wish to reveal it since doing so would give away the man’s religion. Rathod admits that he knew the caller was disturbed because of the insecure environment and the incompetence of the governing authorities, but he never imagined a common man would go to such lengths to achieve this end. He also notes that the facts of this incident cannot be found in any written record but only in the memories of those who actually witnessed it, and further acknowledges that although the incident has ambiguous moral significance, he personally feels that whatever happened, happened for the best.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

The movie is romantic comedy which features Shah Rukh Khan, Deepak Tijori and Suchitra Krishnamurthy in lead characters. The movie is a love triangle where Shah Rukh falls in love with   Suchitra but after all hardship he couldn’t achieve her love. The climax from the film is really adorable where Sunil( Shah Rukh Khan) is shown sitting on the sidewalk, dejected and heartbroken. By happenstance, a random girl (Juhi Chawla), who is lost and is seeking directions, approaches Sunil. Some time later, Sunil and the girl are seen walking in the moonlight and talking merrily.

The movie ends with Anthony and Vasco, two criminals who are a part of the story, see Sunil with the new girl and break the fourth wall, saying that Sunil will be alright. The criminals hear the police siren and immediately scamper away as the credits roll.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai’s chemistry in the movie was spectacular however they were in love in real also which helped the film from all side. The love triangle story between Salman, Aishwarya and Ajay Devgn left the audience stunned. Aishwarya travels the world with husband Ajay to find Salman, because they were in love but due to some reason Aishwarya got married to Ajay. But when the film ends, it shocked every one.Upon meeting Salman, Aishwarya apologises to him and tells him that she is in love with Ajay. She reflects on the unwavering love and devotion that Ajay has showered upon her throughout their relationship, and realises that Ajay is her true soul mate. She runs back to him and he tells her that he cannot live without her. Ajay adorns a mangala sutra around her neck and they embrace each other with fireworks in the background.

Ankhon Dekhi

The film is really good and teaches us don’t just believe until you don’t see it. The message given in the movie differs from person to person how they interpret it. Sanjay Mishra’s character is a curious soul and thirsty to seek answers to every possible question as he doesn’t simply want to believe everything that is being told or that is a common belief. He wants to see the world through his own eyes. Experience everything, the character goes on a vacation with his wife who notoriously teases him for his unusual philosophical thoughts. They have a random conversation which reaches to a point where his wife ends up saying “You talk of experience, do you have any experience of flying?” which leaves him in a state of introspection, followed by the climax, where he jumps off a cliff.

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