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From Mamta Kulkarni to Mandakini: Actresses who left Bollywood for underworld


There is no doubt that the Bollywood and underworld connection is long and strong. We have read many times about actors and actresses being involved with the mafia. Alleged love affairs between underworld dons and B-town beauties is something that has well been written about, discussed and scrutinised to shreds.

Haji Mastan and Sona

Haji Mastan is said to be the first man to marry a Bollywood star. Haji Mastan married Sona because he was a big fan of Madhubala and married Sona because of her uncanny similarity to the late actress.


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Dawood Ibrahim and Anita Ayub

Small time actress and a beauty pageant contestant Anita Ayub was said to be very close to underworld Dawood Ibrahim. Producer Javed Siddique was shot dead in 1995 by Dawood’s hitmen after he allegedly refused to take Pakistani actress Anita Ayub in a Hindi film.


Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim

Mandakini was seen in ‘Heena’ in a pivotal role along with Rishi Kapoor. She is famous for her waterfall scene, and it was rumoured that she had an affair with don Dawood Ibrahim. It is said he used his influence to cast her in movies in Bollywood. Later, he went underground. After that, Mandakini married and settled down and went out of the limelight.


Monica Bedi and Abu Salem

Monica Bedi, who has acted with the likes of Suneil Shetty, Govinda, Salman Khan, and others, had an instant connection with Abu Salem. She is said to be the second wife of Abu Salem. Both of them have been separated after their arrest, with Salem still behind bars. When asked about Salem’s other marriage, Monica was quoted as saying in media reports, “I am happy for him. Why would I have anything new to say? I have nothing to do with him. It’s his call and that’s absolutely fine.”

monica bedi

Mamta Kulkarni and Vicky Goswami

We all know that Mamta had a serious love affair with Vicky Goswami. She left everything, Bollywood career, family and her personal life for him. When Vicky arrested in Dubai for drug trafficking in USA, she left doing make up so she didn’t look gorgeous. She even adopted Islam for Vicky Goswami.

Mamta Kulkarni-Vicky Goswami