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From condom ad to sexist interview: 6 controversies featuring Sunny Leone


Controversies have always surrounded Sunny Leone for numerous reasons. The actress has always stood up and faced it. The industry from which she belonged previously is said to be taboo in India. There are many controversies which Sunny has gone through. When she started her career in Bollywood people were not ready to work with, but fortunately she got her first break in ‘Jism 2’ from Pooja Bhatt. Before Jism 2, she was in the Bigg Boss house.

Recently, she has been in the news for two reasons, the latest being her condom ads being taken off from Goa buses. Condom ads featuring Bollywood actress and former pornstar Sunny Leone will be taken off display boards on state-run buses, Goa Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar said on Friday. The ads are currently displayed on the Kadamba Transport Corporation buses as part of an advertising contract between the contraception company and the corporation. Also, she made headlines for deciding to adopt a child. So, here’s a look at other controversies which have surrounded Sunny over the years.

Condom and rape

Sunny shot back at CPI leader, Atul Kumar Anjan, in the most reasonable way possible, for saying that a condom advertisement featuring the actress would lead to an increase in the incidences of rapes in the country. Sunny urged “people of power” to focus on helping those in need instead. Reacting to the same, she tweeted, “Sad when people of power waste their time and energy on me, instead of focusing on helping those in need!!! #SHAME #EPICFAIL” [sic] Anjan had claimed that Sunny’s condom advertisement will trigger the tendency among men to commit rapes and that it was developing sexuality and ruining sensibilities.

Sexist Chaubey

Sunny Leone’s interview with TV journalist Bhupendra Chaubey became a hot topic of discussion on social media platforms when the journalist repeatedly raised questions about the former porn star’s past. Questions like – “Since you have come to Indian cinema, the number of people watching porn has increased proportionately to the extent that we are now the world’s largest consumer of porn. Can you respond to that? Am I being morally corrupted because I’m interviewing you?” even made the viewers uncomfortable. While anyone else would have reacted strongly, lost their cool on the interviewer or would have walked out of the interview; Sunny bravely answered all his misogynistic and highly sexist questions. Entire Bollywood and Indian film audience supported Sunny for maintaining her poise and grace, despite being put under such hostile and offensive environment.

Kapil Sharma controversy
During the time ‘Ragini MMS2’ makers of the film wanted to promote it on The Kapil Sharma Show but Kapil allegedly refused to shoot. Media started making news about this and when Sunny was asked about this she maintained silence, instead of giving interviews or portraying herself as a victim, Sunny choose to go with the flow. Afterwards, she surprised everyone with her presence on the show a few days later, which was nothing less than a tight slap on the face of those who criticized and ridiculed her.

Golden Silence

Also, there were rumours that Sunny Leone asked her co-stars for HIV test before shooting sex scenes. This alleged clause in her contract created a huge uproar and shock. Sunny chose to not answer and dignify such baseless rumours.

No adult baggage

Many a times, people are asked their past and whether given a chance to change things, would they do it. Same questions have been posed to Sunny as well regarding her adult star days. But, her replies have been candidly stunning, that she would do everything as she did in this life that as she does not regret her decision to be a part of the adult film industry.

Not a party girl

Media once asked Sunny why she don’t  party with her co-stars. Her reply made headlines. She said, “Most of the actors I work with are married, and when I meet their wives, I usually get along with them more than the boys. But still, I do believe that there is some insecurity for sure. I just feel like telling them, “I don’t want your husband or boyfriend. I have the most amazing husband in the world.”