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Forget Kiki, Nora Fatehi challenges you for ‘Kamariya Hila De Challenge’!


The infamous Kiki Challenge is a burgeoning trend causing a lot of traffic rule violations and accidents. But you need not have the fear of missing out on a deadly trend since dance diva Nora Fatehi is to your rescue. The Moroccan beauty unveiled her sultry number Kamariya from the upcoming Shraddha Kapoor-Rajkummar Rao starrer Stree.

The Dilbar girl shared some videos on social media with a caption asking people to take up a challenge of dancing on the track anywhere possible and share it under the hashtag #KamariyaHilaDeChallenge.

“#Kamariya pe Kamariya hilana toh banta hai! Jahaan bhi ho Kamariya hilaao & challenge your friends too! #KamariyaHilaDeChallenge [sic],” she captioned the post.

In one of the videos, Nora is seen dancing on a road while a lot of moving vehicles can be seen. Earlier, Nora did participate in the Kiki Challenge and while this new one appears to be an interesting strategy to promote the song, won’t it cause similar concerns that Kiki participants faced?

Read here what exactly the ‘Kiki Challenge’ is and how it started.

This immensely popular challenge caused several accidents in India as well as abroad. Police in various states of India have been issuing warnings against trying this stunt as it may cause serious injuries leading to death.

Will Nora land in trouble for this new recreation for the sake of her song? Only time will tell.

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