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Ford blames Gosling for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ accident


Veteran actor Harrison Ford quipped that he did not punch Ryan Gosling on the sets of their upcoming film “Blade Runner 2049”, but the actor himself “walked into” his fist. The 75-year-old actor, who features with Gosling in the upcoming film “Blade Runner 2049”, said it was he who got injured in the fight scene, reported People magazine. “He walked into my fist. My hand was slightly injured, but I didn’t hold it against him,” Ford said.

The “Indiana Jones” actor said he had a great time working with the “La La Land” actor working on the sequel to the 1982 cult movie. “Mr Gosling is always prepared, has very inventive ideas and he’s very articulate about them. He’s a great pleasure to work with,” he said. “Blade Runner 2049” hits the screen on October 7.