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For Rajeev Khandelwal, loved ones battling cancer is a scary thought


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Rajeev Khandelwal, who lost his mother to cancer a few months ago, believes the thought of seeing a loved one battle with cancer is an experience perhaps more scary than the disease itself.

“Cancer is not very scary, but the thought of someone close to you going through cancer is more scary,” the actor said.

But he said the fight against the disease needs persistence, patience and strength from the person suffering it. “It does not matter how much support one gets from the world… Unless the patient is not motivated and strong enough to fight the disease (it is tough). One can beat any disease as long as you are positive from inside and have will to live,” added the “Aamir” actor.

Rajeev’s mother Vijay Laxmi Khandelwal passed away in May after her one and a half year long battle with cancer. So, learning from his mother’s experience, Rajeev said: “Nobody in this world can help you if you don’t fight.”

In recent times, actors Irrfan Khan and Sonali Bendre have been diagnosed with the severe disease. While Irrfan is battling against a neuroendocrine tumour and getting treated, Sonali is undergoing a metastatic cancer treatment.

Rajeev, who is currently seen hosting a talk show  too has a message for them. Praying for Irfan and Sonali’s speedy recovery, Rajeev said: “As I have done a show ‘Reporter’ with Goldie Behl (producer and Sonali’s husband), so I know a little about Sonali on personal level. She is a strong person and so is Irrfan. They should forget about drawing support from people. The world is with you and will support you for sure. What’s important is to maintain a positive outlook. As long you are not giving up on the disease, the disease will not take you away.”