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For Mohit Malik, it was frustrating to wait for right show


Mohit Malik doesn’t find it easy to live life in Mumbai as an actor. Known for “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann” and “Miilee”, he says there is a lot of uncertainty involved when it comes to the small screen, and not everyone can afford to be choosy.

The actor, who is married to actress Aditi Shirwaikar, feels lucky to have the luxury of waiting for the right role to come to his doorstep — which many don’t have. “It is very frustrating (to sit and wait for the right show) but as an actor you need to have patience…This I have understood very well in my career. We can say that we want this and that, but it becomes difficult to strive and to live in a city like Mumbai,” Mohit said.

On his career graph and decision to be selective, Mohit said: “My wife has entered into a business. She is running two cafes in Oshiwara. My wife and I discussed this five or six years back that ‘let’s have a safe monetary background’. So, then I can do the kind of work which I want to do and I can sit at home and wait for the right project.”

The actor, who is currently seen in the show “Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala”, feels he is in a “safer space”. “But many other actors cannot be choosy because TV is a medium where something on which you are working today might get axed tomorrow. And suddenly it takes you time (to adjust) as you buy things on EMI (equated monthly installments). It becomes so much difficult. Hats off to all the actors who do this. It is a lot of struggle to live life in Mumbai as an actor.”