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For Kailash Kher, it’s about emotions


He has mesmerised audiences with his songs and now singer Kailash Kher is paying an ode to the soldiers for their bravery through his anthem “Bharat Ke Veer”. The anthem has been written, composed and sung by Kher for Home Ministry’s ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ initiative, which seeks to generate funds for the families of soldiers who died on the battlefield.

Kher, who in the past has been associated with government initiatives such as Swacch Bharat and Beti Bachchao, said the anthem is dedicated to soldiers and martyrs of the countryfor their unequivocal love for India.”This country, India, and its people inspired me to pen this anthem for our soldiers. This country has produced some amazing talents who have made us feel proud of them. All these people have inspired me to write this song,” Kher said.

Kher said being a part of the initiative was “not justanother commercial project” for him, but rather an “emotionalproject”.”I wonder what inspires our soldiers to fight for thiscountry. No one puts his life in danger so as to earn hislivelihood. But soldiers do that all the time.Whether there is a cyclone, earthquake, fire orterrorist attack, our soldiers are always ready to help thepeople,” he said.