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For Arunoday Singh, web series means employment


Arunoday Singh is happy with the growth of digital platforms for entertainment content. He says it keeps many people active and employed. Arunoday has featured in “Love Per Square Foot”.

Asked how he feels about the boom of digital mediums, Arunoday said, “I think it is wonderful. I think it has legitimately given so many actors legitimate work… It is not work to look down upon. It is actually good work and it keeps so many people employed and active. The more options actors and writers have, I think it is spectacular.”

Does he feel that the digital medium can over take the silver screen? “There’s a certain thrill to see a movie in a theatre… But if the theatre people keep over charging us, including for water, then maybe people will stay home and stream (things online). It has to be feasible to go to a theatre. If they are not careful, then digital will overtake only because of the money and the convenience,” he added.