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Fitness and diet secretes revealed of Bollywood actresses


From ‘die-its’ comprising dry bread and baby food to ones that are actually palatable, Rochelle Fernandez samples the many food plans that drive our divas nuts.

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We have envied the ‘perfect’ bodies of our favourite celebrities time and again but, if buzz is to be believed, they are constantly trying newer forms of crazy diets, which invariably leave us gasping! One week, they are gorging on baby food to get slim; the next week, they are eating cookies or fasting to strip away the weight.

While some work wonders, others are just fads that are here to make us gag in the long run. Here is the bigger question though: Is it safe? Better yet, should you try these diets? For safety – and sanity’s – sake, the answer is no.

You might want to take a leaf from the books of these divas, though, who experimented with the gamut of fads and finally hit on what worked. And what worked for them, just might do the trick for you!

Sonam Kapoor

She is extremely disciplined and follows a strict, low-carb, high-protein diet with five small meals a day. Sonam avoids unhealthy snacking, opting instead for dry fruits and milkshakes to satisfy hunger pangs. The actress drinks sufficient quantities of fluids like coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice to keep herself hydrated. She teams it up with Yoga, Pilates, squash, swimming and weight training twice a week.

Sonakshi Sinhac-glam-anchor-sonakshi

Sonakshi is on a high-protein and low-carb diet that supports her intense workout regimen without adding unnecessary calories. She loves sipping on around three cups of green tea a day to let the toxins out. She eats small portions every few hours and drinks plenty of water to keep her body hydrated for good metabolism and a radiant skin for all those cosmetic commercials. She spices things up with spin classes, does weight training and a cardio workout. Cycling, swimming, and tennis are also part of her exercise routine for stamina building and overall fitness. For a supple and flexible body, she also practices Hot Yoga.

Katrina Kaifc-glam-anchor-katrina

The actress makes sure she drinks three glasses of water as soon as she wakes up in the morning to drain toxins from her body. Bollywood’s reigning stunner ensures that she eats a high protein, high fibre diet, and keeps hydrated with eight glasses of water a day and fruit juices to boost metabolism and fitness levels. Kaif is very dedicated to her exercise routine and ensures she jogs on the beach, with the sand offering good resistance, for a vigorous workout. After her daily jog, Katrina hits the gym for iso-plank exercises, leg-workouts and her cardio routine. She also cycles twice a week for toning her leg muscles.

Alia Bhattc-glam-anchor-alia

She stays away from oily and junk food, opting instead for fresh vegetables and fruits, juices and nuts; even her fries are made from sweet potato. Her meals are well spaced throughout the day and she eats at least two hours before going to bed. Alia drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and cleanse her body of toxins for great skin and hair. Speaking of her workout, she has an interesting fitness regime. She does not hit the gym hard for hours on end, choosing to create a combination of training exercises that includes altitude training, kickboxing, beach running, circuit training, swimming, and weights. She performs lunges and squats and hits the treadmill everyday. Alia ensures she exercises every part of her body for a toned look and a fab physique.

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Kareena Kapoorc-glam-anchor-kareena

Kareena loves her paranthas and biryanis, but believes that one should eat everything in moderation. The actress makes sure that she burns everything she eats with a rigorous workout routine. Kareena eats every two hours but her portion sizes are small. Our favouriteBebo, does an hour of Yoga every morning for a supple, toned, flexible body. She performs a hundred Suryanamaskars a day… All of which explains how she glows like a lightbulb even minus make-up.