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First look of Adira Chopra


Rani Mukherjee baby - Adira

An Instagram handle with the name @iiamranimukerji has just shared pictures claiming to be Rani Mukerji’s baby Adira. Yes! We are as surprised as you are. Rani and Aditya Chopra have never really opened up about their baby or let the paparazzi reach out to their little. Well, a spokesperson from YRF rubbished this report and stated, “This is a fake account. Such accounts keep popping up despite several attempts to remove imposters. Not to forget, Aditya Chopra and Rani’s had announced their baby’s arrival on December 9 2015 in the cutest way possible saying, ‘Today life has given us God’s greatest gift with Adira. We thank fans our friends and well-wishers for their unconditional support and blessings. With joy we begin this new chapter in our lives.”

Rani Mukherjee - Aditya Chopra

And this is what the mummy has to say “This is to inform you that Rani Mukerji is not on any social media platform and has never been. There are several fake accounts that keep cropping up we would like to request you to not pay any heed to them or the content they put up as it is all fake.”