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Financial constrains forced Reyonlds to live in sold-off estate


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Washington DC:  Hollywood’s yesteryear superstar Burt Reynolds in his final days, prior to his death was able to lead a peaceful life in a plush Florida estate. According to TMZ, the owner of the estate helped the actor by letting him stay there, as the latter was reeling under a period of financial crisis.

In 2015 ‘The Longest yard’ star had sold his home to a friend, Charles Modica, as he wanted to overcome the financial woes he had been suffering for years. Modica while speaking to TMZ said that he bought the estate in order to help Burt stay there. Modica had even charged him a small fee as rent. Burt bought the estate in 1980 for 700,000 USD, in order to live with his then-wife, Loni Anderson.

In 2005, when he put it up for sale, the selling price was as high as 15 million USD, but after he actually decided to sell it in 2015 to Modica, the price fell down drastically to 3.3 million USD. The 82-year-old actor passed away on Thursday in America’s Florida after suffering a cardiac arrest.