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Filmmakers Kiran Rao and Anurag Kashyap talk about the changing mindset for cinema as a career


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Arts in India has always been discouraged as a career choice, as parents have always preferred academic success over creative success. Even though cinema in India is a multi-million rupee industry and is over 100-year-old, it is still viewed as a glamour industry rather than an art form.

Talking about cinema as a career choice, filmmakers Kiran Rao and Anurag Kashyap say that people are slowly changing their mindset towards it. “Cinema culture across the world has been different. There are parents in other parts of the world as well who have restricted their children from pursuing filmmaking. But dance, theatre and other art forms are a part of culture. We, as filmmakers, are proud to call ourselves artists. Over the years, it has become acceptable, and parents should not look at it as a glamour industry, but rather something that can enrich people’s lives. But after so many years to still have a stigma about the industry is very sad. The mindset is changing, but is slow,” says Kiran.

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Although Anurag was in a different mode, still rejoicing in the change in the censor board chief, the Black Friday filmmaker says that everywhere in the world people are discouraged from arts, but it will soon change. “The whole world operates in the same way. Moreover, with the change in the CBFC and NFDC being empowered to do new things, so I am very positive that this mindset will change soon,” says Anurag.

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While Anurag started out as a short-film maker, his movies have never been showcased at Mumbai Film Festival. But this year, the ace filmmaker’s movie will be opening the festival at the premier nigh.

Talking about this Kashyap says it’s a moment of pride for him. “My film has never been screen in Mami so I consider it and honour that it was chosen as an opening for this film festival. Also to premier it at MAMI I gave up the chance to premier it at the Tusan Film Festival,” the Gangs of Wasseypur director said.