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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has signed the actress Radhika Apte for his next film


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tells FPJ he has signed the actress for his next film for which she has been training for the last eight months

It seems like filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has become very critical about his lead actors even since ‘Bombay Velvet’s’ debacle. While he has repeated his male leads like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, he has refrained from repeating his leading ladies, but that is all about to change. After completing ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Manmarziyan’, Anurag has already ready on his next film for which he has already locked in Radhika Apte.

“I am doing another film with Radhika after ‘Manmarziyan’. She has started training for it already, she is changing herself physically for the last eight months,” reveals Anurag.

Radhika has worked with Anurag in short film ‘That Day After Everyday’, Onir’s anthology film ‘I Am’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Bombay Talkies’. When asked if she has become his favourite muse he says, “I only work with three people Nawazuddin, Vineet (Kumar Singh) and Radhika Apte repeatedly. I find a lot of availability and trust with them. If I am doing a film, it is about the characters and the time they can give me, these are the people who will still give me time no matter how busy they are,” he says. Apart from them he only wants to work with new talent. “Only a new comer who can give a year to just one film, I want that sort of commitment from my actors,” he adds.

The filmmaker is currently gearing up for next movie ‘Mukkabaaz’ starring Vineet Kumar Singh, Zoya Hussain, Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishan. Many people are touting this film as his comeback into his desi element, something that doesn’t seem to appeal to the filmmaker. “It is so predictable, the moment I go back to U.P, to the poor world and the downtrodden, they feel I am in my element. They don’t want me to do other things and they don’t want other filmmaker to go real,” scorns Anurag

‘Mukkabaaz’ also has a heavy undertone of rural politics, in a polorised environment after ‘Padmavati’, he is not worried of the backlash the film might be subjected to. “The society is very political and you forget that fact that there is a lot of politics that surrounds a love story, especially in a small town. These people have made it their business in what is going on in your house, they want to know what you are eating, and who are you meeting. A real love story will have a political background all others are based in a la la land or economic disparity,” rubbishes Anurag.

“I don’t think they will create any issues, the problems today are by the media for the sake of the media. When the film will come out you will see not one single person will create an issue. People should see it rather than assuming something. People are not touchy about politics, the people in politics are touch about it. Everybody who do all this brouhaha are people who want to find some meaning in their existence,” adds Anurag.