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‘Feminism term has received lot of negative feedback’


Actress Kalki Koechlin feels it is unfortunate that the word feminism has gathered a lot of negative feedback with many people not even realising its true meaning.  The actress says people often associate feminism with that of “ranting women” who hate men. “There is a misunderstanding and lack of awareness about the word. Feminism seems to be tagged as a bunch of ranting women or women who are against men. The word feminism is about the equality of gender. A lot of people are feminist but they don’t even realise it,” Kalki said.

Several people within the industry have been divided over feminism as well, often saying that they belive in gender equality but are not feminist. The 33-year-old actress says the focus now should be on making the word cool again. “It’s just the fact that I think some people (within the industry) don’t realise what it means. The term feminism has got so much negative feedback. I think now it’s about making the word cool again,” she said.