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‘Felt bad for Kapil’, says Ishita Dutta


About the comedian’s hectic schedule that eventually led him to shut his TV show

Actress Ishita Dutta, who will star opposite Kapil Sharma in ‘Firangi’, says that the comedian turned actor did look stressed as his hectic schedule started taking a toll on him. “He was very stressed during the filming, we knew he was going through a tough time juggling so many things at that time. He used to travel continuously to fulfil his commitments and that pressure was visible on his face. I feel very bad for Kapil and we all expect him to be funny all the time. Even comedians have bad days and they are under a lot of pressure to be funny. But when he was on the sets it was never that his energy was low or wanted to take a break frequently,” divulges Ishita.

Although more than his hectic schedule the 27-year-old actress felt embarrassed whenever she was eating on the sets with Kapil around, as he was on strict diet. “In this film, I was asked to gain weight and he has to lose weight. I used to felt very guilt when I was eating in front of him as he was on strict diet,” reveals Ishita.

Kapil is back after a long break with Firangi. The comedian’s show went off air few months back as he was suffering from health issues. He has admitted that he was battling alcohol problems and hopes to make a stronger comeback. But Ishita says that she did not miss her co-stars hit show, as Kapil was always on his comic zone on the sets.

“For me it was 83 days of the Kapil Sharma show. Initially, I thought during emotional scenes it was going to be difficult as he would constantly crack jokes but that was not the case. He was very serious during the scene, before and after we did joke a lot,” she says.

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“While shooting a scene we both were just laughing as we looked at each other. Looking at us the entire set started laughing, and we were delaying the shot. After good 15 mins Kapil says, arrey me hi producer hu and then we shot the scene. Although both Rajiv and Kapil are big pranksters,” recounts Ishita.

Ishita, who made her Bollywood debut with ‘Drishyam’ as Ajay Devgn’s daughter says that her debut film was a stepping stone for her to land her second movie as a lead heroine. Talking about what is special about the movie, she says, “I am playing a character named Sargi as the story is based in the 1940’s she is a typical gaon ki ladki. She is very shy and doesn’t talk much. The kind of romance that we have in the film is very old school. In the last couple of years we have no idea about such kind of romance, aaj kal tinder ka zamana hai. When I heard the story I found it very cute, today I couldn’t imagine my life without a cell phone but that time letter started developing at that time. So I think the young generation will like this old school romance,” says Ishita. The film has now been postponed to December 1st taking over Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Padmavit’s slot.