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Fawad Khan: The most wanted Khan


He is currently packed off to Pakistan, he is also enjoying fatherhood all over again but that doesn’t stop Bollywood from missing him. Apparently, in his stint of just 3 films, Fawad had garnered a fan following which will stop at nothing to bring him back for more movies.

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“The kind of talent he possesses and the way he has been accepted into the indian bosom it is obvious that Bollywood is not ready to let go of Fawad, we are more than willing to wait the course and let  the storms settle but it is obvious that he has become the Khan that all have been waiting for,” exclaimed the trade pundits.

There is also the fact that while most of all the reigning Khans are in their 50s, here came the hottest Khan who was still young enough to romance the younger heroines who are showing so much promise.

There is a limitation that comes with the age that the Khans are at currently, also none of them are willing to look silly by posing at youngsters at this age, so the answer to it all comes in the form of Fawad Khan. While there is of course the Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra  etc… there is something that Fawad brings to the table that the others cannot. He is a nice mix of  sexy and insouciance and of course, talent,” added the trade analyst.

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How the ball rolls right into the hands of the indian public, waiting verdict on how soon can we have the hottie back.