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Fawad is hopelessly in love…with his wife


Next month, the dreamy eyed Fawad Khan will become a parent once again. While his wife is going about keeping pace with his busy schedule, Fawad is trying to finish all his work assignments so that he can be next to his wife next month when the baby is due.

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“For someone who has known me, and been there for me since I was 16 and she was no older, we have come a long way and I certainly want to ensure that I am with her when we go into labour the second time around,” quipped the actor. However while he is rushing with his work and trying to get all his work completed well in time, apparently our Bollywood beauties are not giving him a minute to relax… don’t get into some weird imaginations…

Though the fact is that he has had many people hitting on him over and over while he has only Sadaf on his mind. “It is true that he likes his share of parties, enjoys a drink or two but that’s all in the way of networking. He is not at all the type who would make eyes at another girl. But it gets rather embarrassing for him when girls throw themselves at him. All he wants is to relax with a drink and not have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings when he turns them down but that’s not to be, for Fawad!” exclaimed a friend of the actor.

WOW! We thought it was only lucky to be able to have someone as dreamy and hunky as Fawad for you beau however, it is hard work trying to turn a deaf ear and blind eye at every girl who is falling at his feet everywhere he goes.

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When asked about it, Fawad admitted, “Initially it was awkward. I too would not have liked it if people were fawning at my wife, so I totally understood if Sadaf ever felt irritated when we would go outside, however she knows that she has me wrapped completely around her little finger. There can be no one else for me, I am hopelessly in love with her since I was 16, what people see me in the films, is not who I am in real life so there is really no one else who would be able to be my partner in love and life!”

With statements like these Fawad wonders why people are falling over themselves for him?