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Father’s Day 2018: Rubina Dilaik to Harshad Chopra, actors admire their beloved fathers


Mother’s Day is celebrated with much fanfare world over. But Father’s Day rarely gets that much importance. This Father’s Day, actors share their thoughts on their beloved fathers, plans they have for the day and more

Maneish Paul
On this memory of my father I remember that whenever he would come home exhausted from work, he would know that I would have my slippers on because I wanted to go out as I used to love going out for a drive in the evening with him. But he never showed that he is tired and would take us out, in the ambassador car that we had with the music on a tape recorder going on in the background. Now being a father myself I know how much that means and how special that is, so big thanks to him on that. Mother’s have their own place and importance and nobody can replace them, not even fathers. But, yes, a father has his own own importance as far as bringing up kids is concerned. And being an involved father myself I try to spend a lot of time with my kids, engage in different activities with them, tell them stories…If both parents are equally involved then a child grows up to be a holistic and confident individual.

Nikitin Dheer
Fathers are the one who silently watches you grow, we as men have an issue with not being expressive enough and that gets taken for not loving or caring. This year I want to let my dad know how important he is to me and as much as Mother’s Day is celebrated with so much pomp and show, for me they both are equal…and I want to show them that. Dad has always been my hero… he is someone I speak to like a friend, but also take advice from. He has chartered my life in a big way and I shall ever be thankful to him.

Vatsal Seth: My dad has always been my hero and I have always looked up to him; he has been my support system. He gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and it is because of him that I am an actor today; he let me do what I wanted to. I think my dad, my brother and I will go out for some beers on the day (chuckles).

Rubina Dilaik
This year, I haven’t made any plans in particular for father’s day since my daddy is really busy with my wedding preparations…I remember when my sister and I were just kids, he used to give us a nice ‘head chumpi’ on the weekend’s post which we would sit in the sun and then take a bath. He’s taken really good care of us for which we won’t be able to thank him enough. My father is also the one who taught us the importance of respect, he always said that you give respect to everyone irrespective of their social status, religion etc. and at the same time ensure you have it for yourself. This is something I try living by every day.

Jasmin Bhasin
My father will be here on Father’s day so I will take him out for dinner and tell him how special he is to me. He has always told me that first I should complete my education then pursue acting. The best gift my father has given me is the freedom to choose whatever I want to do. I think I have come this far because of that trust and freedom.

Amrita Prakash

My dad and I both lead extremely busy, chaotic lives. He is a renowned economist and travels all over the world to impart his advice to various governments and financial institutions. The same goes for me, I am constantly travelling for work or shooting extremely hectic schedules. We have some amazing memories: On my 18th birthday, he wrote me a letter that I consider to be my Bhagwad Gita. On acting and life itself, his advises have proved extremely useful to stay resilient on my path and to conquer loneliness. He says that one’s journey, especially as they make their way to the top, is a very long, hard and lonely one.

Bhanu Uday
I’ve always had this thing as to why is Mother’s Day is celebrated with such fanfare, while Father’s Day gets a raw deal, because for me, I have always grown up watching my father live a life with so much grace and dignity, something that I would like to emulate into my life. He has always been someone I’ve looked up to. He has not really instructed me or lectured me, but for me what he says is the ultimate as he always has made that much sense.

Tanuj Virwani
My dada happens to be one of my closest friends, that relationship I cherish. We are a small family, just dada, mom and I, so we are always looking upto each other and looking out for each other; we function as a unit. For me, my dad has given me the wings to fly… he lets me make mistakes and learn from them. I can talk to him about anything in the world.

Karan Patel
There are extremely few people in my life who understand me without saying a word, and my dad is one of them. He is not just my hero because he is my father, but I must admit he has had the patience of rock to be able to deal with me at all times, and trust me, that requires courage.

He is the one I look upto. He teaches me without really saying much. He is my guiding force and I am what I am today only because of him, as somewhere I wanted to make him proud.

Harshad Chopra
Every year on father’s day, my sister and I let dad plan the day and we generally go with whatever he has in mind. For us, as a family, it’s always about sharing the little moments and making the most out of them. One of my favourite memories of my father, when I was a child, is, watching him cut fruits at home. To this day, our family enjoys reaping the ‘fruits’ of his labour. I learnt driving from my father, the mantra he taught me years back still rings in my mind that when you drive, just imagine everyone else is blind. I’d really envy how my father is amazing with numbers. I wish I excelled at accounts just like him.”

Kushal Punjabi
Father’s Day is coincidentally on my dad’s birthday this year around. So, it’s a double celebration. I’m planning to give him something timeless, a nice wristwatch. My dad was a merchant navy officer, and in those times phones weren’t so handy. So I used to write long letters to him and then wait for days at a stretch to hear back from him. This is something special we share. My father has taught me how to stay humble, grounded and be respectful to people irrespective of their background. I want to instil these values in my son as well. My father is also the factor that binds our entire family together. He’s liberal and progressive in his thoughts, sometimes more than the young people around.

Vijayendra Kumeria
My father is more like a friend to me. I can talk to him about anything and everything. He has always stood by me in difficult times. I remember when I left my job to try my luck on the silver screen, all he said was he wants me to do whatever makes me happy. This is one thing that has stuck with me since then. I’m more like my dad and have grown idolizing him. Fatherhood is really special, and it’s a sheer joy to see my daughter smile. I will always teach my daughter to be hard-working and never back down on the path to success. As far as my plans for the day are concerned, my daughter is very small and loves going for drives, so I’ll definitely take her out for a drive.

Vaishnavi Dhanraj
My father is my hero. We don’t live in the same city so I won’t be able to celebrate the day with him. But I’m planning to gift him a nice tie. He has bought me many gifts as a kid, and now I think it’s my turn. During my childhood, I would often pretend that I’m asleep just so my dad carries me to the bed. It’s the sweetest and the fondest memory that I will always have. I am where I am because of my dad because he instilled the importance of staying strong in every situation. He finishes the smallest of work as soon as he can and never procrastinates, this quality I feel I have, too.

Ritvik Arora
This Father’s Day, I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my father. Currently, since I am shooting day and night, spending time with him would be the biggest gift for both of us. Since my childhood, my father has been very frank with me, he taught me self -control and guided me to what’s right and what’s wrong. I would love to get my father’s social skills, he makes friends quickly and I am completely opposite of him.

Yash Tonk
My dad has always taught to me take criticism positively. He has been my biggest critic and has watched all my shows. Fatherhood has changed my life beautifully. It’s one of the best feelings a man could ever experience. Both my daughters are fairly young and it fills me with joy to witness them growing up. I want both my daughters to grow up to be strong women. They should be able to face any situation head-on. Being strong is really important in these times especially for women.

Vivek Mushran
It is a day to appreciate the coolest man I know. His zest for life enjoying life is something I wish I can emulate as I grow older. No better example for me than him of ‘age is just a state of mind’.

Arjun Bijlani
My fondest memory of my father is that he always used to say do what your heart says. He always encouraged to do what I love. Father’s Day is important to me as I am a father too. My father is no more but I remember him regularly and his blessings are with me.

Shashank Vyas
My father has supported me in all my endeavours. He is my friend and guide. My mother is not in this world, so I consult my father whenever I need anything. He always encourages me to do my best in everything. His opinions are always objective. My fondest memory is when he used to drop me at school in Ujjain.

Laksh Lalwani
The best thing I learnt from my dad is to be courageous and have a never-give-up attitude. I think the teachings of your father, his experience and the time that he gives and are the most valued possessions.

Shivin Narang
I’ll be travelling for a shoot outside Mumbai on 17th, but once I am back, I will take him out for dinner and surprise him with a gift. My father has always advised me to be honest with my work and respect it. He has taught me to be humble with people and not to throw unreasonable tantrums. He has always motivated me to upgrade myself as a person and as an actor. The best gift from my father is freedom. He has always supported me and guided me in every phase of my life. Even when I started my career in acting as a newcomer, he was there to take care.

Amal Sehrawat
Both Papa and I are engaged with professional commitments on this Father’s day, so I am going to wish him over a video call. The only advice he gave me was to take up the profession where I can give my 100% and that the job should not tire me, but excite me every moment. Every moment spent with him and under his guidance is a gift to me.

Sehban Azim
When I miss my father, I feed the poor and the needy. There’s a bit of satisfaction that comes with this because he used to love charity. All he told me was to be myself and work hard. He had seen me doing a couple of shows and he was proud of it. My father has taught me everything from being a good human to the knowledge of the universe, I couldn’t have asked for more. If I could be fifty per cent of what he was, then I think I have achieved something in life. He never leaves my thoughts and is forever within me and he’ll always be my hero. My fondest memory is when once I made a mistake and he didn’t scold me, rather he explained to me the criticality of the mistake.

Rohan Gandotra
As I am in Mumbai, I am going to gift him something which would be delivered to him at home. I am planning to give him Saregama caravan because he loves listening to old music. When I decided to go into acting he was very supportive of my decision and he still motivates me if I feel little depressed sometimes. Father’s day is important and a good way to remind yourself of how much your dad does for you. My fondest memory is when he used to take me out to the park in winters and I used to enjoy getting playing in the sun.

Shivani Gosain
If I am not shooting on the 17th June, I will spend quality time with my father and family. My dad has recently gone through two major surgeries so he has limitations related to health and eating. My father never wanted me to get into acting as he was not in favour of me entering this industry. But slowly with time, he accepted this. He wanted me to have a secure life. But even then, he has always been there as a strong support to me.

Sheena Bajaj
The best gift my father gave me is his name. This Father’s Day, I want to be with my father and spend time with him. He told me to be myself and have patience when I started acting. I have followed that. I will take him out for dinner on Father’s Day.

Ayyaz Ahmed
My father stays in Calcutta. So, I celebrated both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day when I was in Calcutta a week back. We shopped and I took them out for a nice dinner. I had a good conversation about life and my future with them. I love my father and I take care of him whenever it’s needed.

Mohammad Nazim
My dad, Abdul Majeed, is an excellent human being. I love him so much and have learnt so much from him. He has always been there to pull me up when I feel low and to celebrate my victories. He has always taught me to be honest, first with myself, and then with others. I have always followed that. This Father’s Day, I will take him out for dinner and maybe a movie.