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Father’s Day 2017: Celebs shower love on their dads


Aparshakti Khurana

A friend, a guide, a mentor, he dons many hats for me. It’s amazing to have a father who is now like a friend to you. While growing up he was extremely strict. That is because I was a very naughty kid. I discuss most of the things with him. Funnily enough, since my father is an astrologer every time I am about to do something unethical, I have a feeling that he would have already forecasted it which makes me stop immediately.


Tulsi Kumar

As a child I was extremely introvert & shy. I recall this memory that my father used to peep through the door & hear me hum songs. As he used to enter the room, I used to stop. It’s from there that my papa saw my inclination & interest towards singing and put me under light classical training from a tender age of 6 years. Also we three siblings – Khushali , Bhushan & me have dedicated this special song to papa,

‘Meri Zameen Aasmaan Mere Papa,

Main hoon jahaan hain wahaan Mere Papa,

Mere papa Mere papa.’

Jatin Shah

My father had been my biggest mentor. I learnt life from him. The way he could handle absolutely any situation without a frown is something I am still trying to master. My father was someone who I looked up to always, so I try and be there for my daughter and hope that ever if she has to look up for anything I would be the 1st one crossing her mind, no matter how old she grows.

Mohena Kumari

My father does not judge people. He has the same respect for every person from all walks of life and I respect that quality in him. I would like to thank my father for teaching me so many important lessons in my life just by giving me his life as an example to learn from. For giving me the freedom to go out into the world and learn my way around, which in turn made me self-dependent and strong.

Ridhima Pandit

I am what I am today because of my father’s ideologies and discipline. It is because of him I am emphatic and compassionate. His kindness and his self-made attitude and the way he performs under pressure are the things that have influenced me the most. I have seen you work hard all your life to give us this life, if I can achieve even half of that I will consider myself to be very lucky.

Hunar Hale

My father had a great influence on my life, and it is because of him that I am, what I am today. By observing his behaviour, and listening to his lectures, I have felt his influence on my life, choices and personality. Whenever I needed you, you never turned your back & picked me up each time I would fall & put me back on track. Miss, you even more on ‘Father’s Day’. You are not here anymore but I know that from heaven you are still showering the love you always had.

Pankhuri Awasthy

My father is very calm with us but I remember as a kid, my mother wanted me to be first or topper in school/ college days. My dad used to always tell me that do your best in what you do, whether its first class or second class you have to do your best. Besides that he made himself very approachable whether its personal or professional problems, I rely on his decisions to move forward because obviously parents know more than children. My dad is that stepping stone where I need him when I am doing everything. He always taught me to accept my faults and move ahead stronger in confidence. I am also influenced with his generosity the way he talk to others.

Rohan Mehra

My father is the only person I look up to whenever I am confused or unsure about taking up some project or any other non-work related decision too. I call him at least once daily and discuss things happening at my side with him I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me, I should be helping him out in his business but he is taking care of it all alone and sent me to Mumbai to chase my dreams. Whenever I receive an award or get some new project, he becomes the happiest, and that smile on his face just gets me going.

Aayush Shah

My childhood memories have been all with my father from spoiling me to teaching me the basic ethics to make me a better human being and I cannot thank him enough for what I am today! I will want to thank him to be the best father one could have and always being my role model. I feel
Proud to say that I am my dad’s fan!