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Farming beckons Nawazuddin!


Nawazuddin SiddhiquiNawazuddin Siddhiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one actor who is unperturbed by his super stardom and continues to live a simple life like he did before becoming a star. Read on and you’ll know why we think so…

France is world’s second largest agricultural exporter and follow highly advanced agricultural techniques. During his recent visit to Cannes, the actor befriended a few Frenchmen who happened to own farms in Nice and invited the actor for a tour. Nawaz didn’t just visit the farms; he even learnt a new technique of irrigation during the tour!

As he says it himself, “Almost every kind of crop in France was being irrigated using this cost-effective and water efficient technique called centre pivot irrigation.” Nawaz instantly thought of applying this technique back in his village, and got a sample model fabricated and shipped to his village.

His native place Budhana falls under the dark zone where the water level is way below normal and farming is becoming a challenging task with every passing day, thus water conservation is of utmost importance in this region.

In the traditional irrigation technique, water is sprinkled in the farms in random directions which may or may not meet the need of the crop, it also ends up wasting a lot of water which is not a feasible idea in dark zone regions. With central pivot irrigation, minimum water is used and crops are watered from top to bottom, which is the ideal way of watering a crop (the natural way like rain).

“The UP Government commissioned a research which marked Budhana in the ‘dark zone’ given its sinking water levels,” pointed out Nawaz. “When I worked in the fields, we would manage to find water 80 feet below the ground and until four years ago, bore wells could pump water out of 110-120 feet, today, in Budhana, water is found 220 feet under the ground. It was challenging to explain the farmers the benefit of this technique. The best way to explain this technology to them was to ask them which is the best way to irrigate land. Everyone agreed that natural rainfall was the best option and this technique recreates the sprinkle of rainfall.”

Nawaz has grown sugarcane, rice and wheat in his farms and returns to inspect the progress of his harvest, whenever he gets time. A man of the soil in every sense of the word!