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‘Fargo’ may not return for season 4


Los Angeles: “Fargo” season three could be the show’s last one, after FX executives said the story could end with the current episodes. The network’s chief John Landgraf said he didn’t think there was any way any further series could top what viewers have already seen, reported Digital Spy.

“There may never be another Fargo,” Landgraf told The Hollywood Reporter. “Unless Noah (Hawley, Fargo’s showrunner) has an idea for Fargo that he thinks he can make as good as the prior three. “I think once people get to the end of this (season) they will find that it is thematically different. It’s really about the moment we live in now.”

The black comedy-thriller centres on brothers Ray and Emmit Stussy (both played by an unrecognisable Ewan McGregor). After unsuccessfully trying to rob Emmit, Ray and his partner Nikki (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) become involved in a double murder case, while Emmit tried to cut his ties with a mysterious organisation he owes money to.