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Fan girl! Waluscha Desouza speaks about her debut


Waluscha Desouza speaks to Shubarna Mukerji Su about all things that go into making her the hottest newbie in tinsel town! (A debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan is an instant attention-grabber, after all!)

Everyone around me is excited. I am more nervous than excited. All I tell people is to please keep their excitement contained in an air-tight bottle because I don’t want to hear about it – I am that nervous! FAN might have fallen into my lap when I least expected it, but that doesn’t mean Bollywood wasn’t coming along eventually. I have been a drama queen all my life but I am glad it has happened now and not earlier.

I find myself a more confident person today. Though, the fact is that I am still shocked that it all happened the way it did. I had only casually met Shanoo Sharma (casting director). The next thing I knew I was doing the film! I think the one time it really hit me hard was when I saw Shah Rukh Khan transform right before my eyes.

I have worked with him earlier on commercials but this was a whole new side to him. One moment it’s him, sitting by himself and the next moment, Shah Rukh disappears. There’s just this character he is supposed to play. Seeing the way he works, the amount of effort he puts in, I learnt a lot. It will see me through many years here, for sure.

Just the kind of dedication he shows even after all these years, is enough to make me want to put my best foot forward. Truly a privilege for me.Frankly, being on the film set itself is a little intimidating given there are nothing less than 400 people out there doing their job. They are all trying to do their best, all waiting upon you and you are at the centre of it all – clearly you have got to get it all correct, as quickly as possible. I think that realization really hit me the first day on the sets, post which I did get a little used to the whole rigmarole.

Given everyone from my family is a Shah Rukh Khan fan – like the rest of the nation! – it is obvious that my loyalty, love and inspiration lies with him first. Though I am a big fan of Irrfan Khan, I must say that over the last year Ranveer Singh has also grown on me. Amongst the girls, it has to be DeepikaPadukone, I really like her. If it’s her film I would like to see it.

She is not only gorgeous, she is very good at her work too. She puts her heart and soul into it which shows.As I mentioned earlier, I am a self-confessed drama queen. I like larger than life films like DEVDAS; I am a devout Sanjay LeelaBhansali fan.

Somehow, if I could turn back time and manipulate things, I would have loved to be a part of that film. It is by far my most favorite film. The song and dance, the drama… it is all something that I loved. Having said that, I must say that is the audience in me who fell in love with DEVDAS. Of late, when I see films like TITLI, MASAAN, CITYLIGHTS, I feel Iwould like to be a part of something like that.

I see the potential in them as an actor, I sense I would like to do something like that… The fact is that I realise I have to still grow into being a great actor. For now, I’ll be happy playing good strong roles. Today I stand a juncture wherein there are new beginnings awaiting and all I want to do is say a big thank you to all my angels. Beginning with my dear friend Ashley Rebello, who encouraged me and believed in me when I didn’t. Shanoo Sharma because of whom I am doing this today. My team, Bazinga and Divya who drive me to get bigger and better! Thank you!