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Everyday should be women’s Day, says Producer Rajshree Ojha


Producer Rajshree Ojha talks to Mamta Sonar about the Women’s Day, Her TV show Bin Kuch Kahe and Bollywood…..

What is your view on Women’s Day

Ans: I feel there should not be any Women’s Day firstly. I dont know why we restrict only one day to celebrate womanhood? We needn’t tell anyone how special we are on one particular day, it is something that has to be understood. In the near future, I hope we don’t need to confine the spirit of our gender to just a day in 365 days of the year, rather every single day of the year. I mean, we don’t have a Men’s Day, do we? (Laughs)

The Show Bin Kuch Kahe has completed one month episode, what will be next in the show?

Ans: As you said, we have only completed one month of the show. We have 157 episodes in total which would take around 6 to 7 months to complete where you will see life, falling in love of the characters & their struggle. As our story progresses, you will see everything come into play. In these 157 episodes, you get to witness lots of fun, romance and comedy. What I’m most interested for the audiences to see is how the girls get their loved ones and how they discover each other. Also, how the women in the show come together, how they stand for each other, that’s what makes them a family and that’s what make them strong and independent women and how they set out to make their own future.

What is the best thing about the show

Ans: The best part of the show is the story that revolves around the lead women. It’s about their journey as a family, there’s an independent mother and her three daughters. One could call them a crazy bunch where each daughter has her own personality & aspirations. Even the mother has her own set of desires which she sets out to accomplish. It’s modern take on the families of today. It reflects who we are as a society story is based on what we are. Modernity with a pinch of tradition infested.

How the bin kuch kahe show connects with the audience?

Ans: I believe the audience is still finding ground in the story & characters, they’re trying to relate themselves to all the elements of the show. We are trying out the new things and I think Bin Kuch Kahe is one of the those shows from which people would want more. Infact, Bin Kuch Kahe is a kind of those show that is making a comeback on television which we had witnessed years ago. It’s similar to shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi and other shows we grew up watching. I want to bring back those memories with my show so that the new generation realizes how great the Hindi television space was back in the days.

You have produced a Televion show as well as Bollywood, what is the difference?

Ans: Films are way bigger when compared to television shows. People in the film’s are much more focused and professional. When it comes to making our content to the audience, for TV the audience is limited to just India & Middle East, but Bollywood is more universal. This is very difference between them. My show ‘Bin kuch Kahe’ is getting good reponse in the nation and I would feel blessed if it catches the eye of the audience abroad.

According to you what are the kind of films people would like to watch?

According to me, audience wants a good story at the end of the day. If you have a good story people would actually want to spend their money on a movie ticket. Last year’s Bollywood film ‘Dangal’ earned so heavily not only because it had a Superstar but because it had a good script and that’s why it managed to break all the box office records. Although we believe famous actors attract more audience, in order to sustain them for a long run in the theaters, a good story is required.