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‘Even a common man on street has had a similar journey’, says Deepika Padukone when asked on biopics made in Bollywood


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Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone is one of the top actresses in Bollywood, and her last film Padmaavat with ace director Sanjay Leela Bhasali was a huge hit at the box office. Apart from that, the actress has only signed Vishal Bhardwaj‘s crime drama based on the novel titled, Mafia Queens Of Mumbai. The reports are that Deepika and Ranveer Singh are tying the knot in November in Italy, so she wants to keep her dates free. Recently the actress was in Chennai for a shoot, so in a conversation with The Hindu she shared her view on biopics made in Bollywood and women centric films.

The actress was asked about her view on women centric films, to which she said, “I wouldn’t say there is a dearth. I definitely feel like it’s getting a little repetitive, though. She added that a change has come about and roles are being written for women. I think it has changed already. I don’t think women in film today are in a place where they have to wait — or look — for a strong female part. It’s all there. Now, it really boils down to the specific content: whether a particular film excites a particular actor or not”.

She further expressed her views on biopics being made in Bollywood, “I feel like there are too many biopics being made. In the last few months, I can’t count the number of biopics that we’ve been offered. And they’re all great; they’re very strong and powerful. But when it comes to a film, after a point, how much are you going to tell me about those struggles? Even a common man on the street has had a similar journey, if you ask me”, she concluded.