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Eisha Singh wants to do shows with social messages


After starring in “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” that highlighted the plight of widows, Eisha Singh will play a character who has a strong opinion about ‘triple talaq’. The young actress feels happy to get such “good offers”.

In the show, “Ishq Subhan Allah”, the 19-year-old plays the role of Zara who is a well-educated young woman. She applies the teachings of Islam to a logical and liberal way of life. Asked about picking shows with social messages, Eisha said “In one show, I played a young widow. This show is about women empowerment. I am getting so many good offers. So, it is exciting to do such shows.”

Apart from women empowerment, the show raises its voice against triple talaq. Scared of controversies? “When it comes to religion, people get very sensitive but still we must know how to handle such subjects. Triple talaq is a sensitive topic. Our writers and makers of the show need to be careful. I am also careful enough and make sure that I don’t hurt anybody’s sentiments through my role,” she said.

So far, it has been a learning experience for Eisha. “I am learning Urdu. There are certain words that I had to repeat at least 30 to 40 times to pronounce them properly. I was born and brought up in a typical Hindu family, but the plus point is that I am from Bhopal so I am familiar with the culture,” she said. “I also learnt how to perform namaaz. Islam is such a beautiful religion,” she added.